Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DeMarcus Won't Be Back!

The Question has been answered, will Demarcus Ware be back for 2014 no he will not.Maybe one of the best Cowboys to ever play won't be coming back he was released today.DeMarcus played 9 seasons with the Cowboys and he averaged double digit sacks for most of them.Ware ended his career with 117 sacks for the Cowboys.This guy was a class act and a team leader,I will really miss him. As I told you in a past blog it was going to be a tough situation. It came down to Ware's salary at 16 million dollars it was to much of a cap hit for the Cowboys The Cowboys will not have one of the premiere pass rushers to ever play. I'm not sure how the Boy's will replace this guy or even if they can. I guess it's the cost of doing business in the NFL.The fact of the matter is Demarcus Ware wont be back.

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