Friday, March 14, 2014

We Just Lost Another Defensive Linemen!

Well here we go again.On Thursday we lost Jason Hatcher to the Redskins.In a 48 hour period we lost are two best defensive players to free agency.Jason played tackle and he had a great year in 2013.We are already very thin on defense so this is a big loss.With the loss of Hatcher we have no tackle to speak of.The Boy's have to Draft well this year and pick up someone in free agency that can be a Impact player.You have Jason Allen from the Vikings is out there,but he is on the down side of his career and in his 30's.You have Milton from the Bears is out there but how much will he want. I'm not sure with the release of Ware we did not make a play for Hatcher. The Cowboys now have to see Hatcher twice a year because he signed with Redskins.I don't know what the Cowboys are thinking about.It must be that even though Hatcher and Ware are the best we have they are in there 30's.I guess they don't want give out big money for them and are going in a different direction. Look out we just lost another defensive lineman.

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