Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tony Romo,is he the answer?

With the 2014 season a big unknown for the Cowboys,what is the status of Tony Romo.Tony had back surgery at the end of last season.The Cowboys say he is doing fine and already in rehab.Remember Tony is in his mid 30's now so you have to wonder how many more years can he play at a high level.The 2013 season was one of the best Romo has had as a Cowboy.I think that Romo is starting to learn that he can't force throws to covered players.When you look around the NFL at the other top quarterback's you have to put Tony in that group.He is not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but he is a top quarterback.I watched Tony almost beat the high flying Broncos in Dallas only to fall short throwing a late interception.That is what people go crazy about with Romo but it's not fair.This guy has to carry that team almost every game.The Boy's just really started to run the ball last year and stick with it.When Tony can use play action he is deadly so keep running the ball.Tony Romo is the real deal he is the answer!

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