Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will Jason Hatcher and Anthony Spensor be back?

Will Jason Hatcher and Anthony Spenser be back in 2014 Jason Hatcher was the best defensive player on the Cowboys in 2013.He made the pro bowl and led the team in sacks with 11 total. Jason was one of the only bright spots on the defensive line in 2013..He was solid as a run defender and very good as a pass rusher. This is a team that ranked last in yards and almost last in a lot of defensive categories. The fact is the NFL is big business and Jason is a free agent on a team that is over the salary cap. Also Jason is 31 years old so their are a lot of decisions to make on him. It will be very interesting to see what Jerry Jones and his management team decides. How can the Cowboys afford to pay their teams best defensive linemen. I can tell you one thing we need Jason Hatcher so if we can sign him that would be a major achievement. Remember the rest of the team has watched his body of work and will snatch him up in the blink of an eye. Anthony Spenser was on IR for most of 2013.He had shown great promise in 2012 as one of the teams best defensive players. Now we have another 30 something fine defensive player that is a free agent. He is a good pass rusher at linebacker or defensive end and would be one of the top players on the team if his injury has healed 100%. It's tricky because Anthony had micro fracture knee surgery last year, will he be back to form? The Dallas Cowboys have two very interesting decisions to make with Jason Hatcher and Anthony Spencer in 2014 stay tuned?

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