Friday, January 31, 2014

The D back's need improvement for 2014!

The D backs did not play well in 2013.Scandrick was the best of the bunch with 2 career interceptions. Orlando can play the slot receiver or cover on the outside.2013 was his best year and I hope he comes back in 2014 with the same effort. Scandrick took over at right cornerback when Morris Claiborne got injured early in the year. I think Scandrick might have the Cowboys thinking about who will start at right corner back opposite Brandon Carr. Morris Claiborne was a 1st round draft pick a couple of years ago. Morris has not lived up to those high expectations and is often injured.
Claiborne better watch out and play better in training camp or he could lose his starting job to Scandrick. BW Webb jumped out of training camp with a chance to get some extended playing time.
BW showed flashes of good play and then he would fall back. The jury is still out on BW for the 2014 season. Last we have Brandon Carr the big ticket free agent .Brandon has a lot of talent but had a sub par season in 2013.I think he will have a good season this year because he has a lot of talent. The D backs have to play better this year but a lot depends on the D line and their pass rush. The catch 22 applies here if the pass rush cant force the quarterback to get rid of the ball fast then the D backs wont be able to cover the wide receivers for more than 5 seconds. The Dbacks need improvement in 2014.

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