Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs in 2014

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs in 2014? A lot of positive things have to fall in place.
Lets start with the draft, the Cowboys have been fair with their picks over the last couple of years. I love the Center they picked in 2013 but to be honest a lot of their first round picks are always injured. The free agent market is going to have to be creative because the Cowboys are way over the salary cap. With all the injuries the Cowboys had on defense we have a lot to do. The linebackers need to get healthy, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter need to be on the field and not on the sidelines. Demarcus Ware was a shell of himself and Anthony Spencer was on IR. I think the offence showed a lot of promise. I want to know if Tony Romos back will allow him to be the player he was in 2013.The running back position looked very good, Demarco Murray was great and the back ups looked good. I do think we still need to run the ball a little bit more. The offensive line looks good but we still could use one or two guys for depth. Special teams look good and our punter and especially the field go kicker is awesome. Over all I think we need to play much better on defense and get some guys back from injury. The draft is very important this year so Jerry has to get that right. Will the Cowboys make the playoffs in 2014 I'm not sure?

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