Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's The Boys Next Move

With the draft right around the corner what's the boys next move.I know they have not done much in the free agent market.Dallas has picked up one defensive tackle from the Chicago Bears and signed another tackle.I am very curious to find out if this is all they are going to do in the free agent market with all the holes they have.Also what are Cowboys going to do with the number 16 pick in this upcoming draft.Are they going to take a defensive tackle like everyone thinks.I think the Cowboys are going to take the best player with that pick regardless of position.Are the Cowboys going consider taking a quarterback with this pick.Tony Romo is coming off his second back surgey at 33 years old and 12 years in the league.This fact makes me very concerned.All I know is the Cowboys have been very quiet so far and it's not like them to not have made a splash by signing a big free agent.The Cowboys need defensive tackles and linbackers.They also have to find out about these under producing defensive backs.Whats the next move for the Cowboys I don't know.

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