Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Time For The D'backs to Step Up

We all know the D'line had it's trouble last year.With that being the case the d'backs have to step up their game.The you guys have to rise up and play ball.The first guy im talking about is Morris Claiborne a high draft pick from LSU.This guy came out of LSU a couple of years with so much promise and has been hurt of and on which has stunted his growth.Also we have to get better play from Tyrone Crawford and JJ Wilcox.Both of these guys have shown flashes of good play but they are very inconsistent.All of the d'backs have had a chance to show there game and most have come up short.Scandrick had the best season out of all of them last year so I will give him a pass.Brandon Carr a high priced free agent out of KC a couple years ago had a off 2013 season. I think Carr is a good cover corner and will bounce back from last season.Now we know the D'line needs heavy improvement but the d'backs have to step up their play!

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