Monday, March 24, 2014

Whats next for the Cowboys?

Well so far in free agency we have lost a lot of players because of the salary cap.The Cowboys need so much help on defense that they have to draft multiple players.We did sign Henry Melton a defensive tackle from the Chicago Bears.Henry Melton is coming off acl surgery and was out off action last year.The Cowboys are hopeful he can return to his probowl form and that he can stay healthy.On defense the Cowboys lost Spencer,Hatcher,Ware all starters.I think the main focus for the Cowboys is how to get some players at safety an the d-line.Our safety position needs to be upgraded and the linebackers need some new blood.As you can see we need help almost everywhere on defense and have limited funds to work with.This is the most interesting off season the Cowboys have had in years.I don't remember the Cowboys needing so many players on defense .What is next for the Cowboys im not sure but we are going to find out.

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