Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time To Rebuild!

The Dallas Cowboys have to rebuild the defense this year.With the signing of Henry Melton from the Bears that's a good start.The entire defense has to be overhauled with the loss of Ware and Hatcher.The tackle position needs more players because Melton is coming of a acl injury.The linebacker position has one stand out Sean Lee but he cant seem to stay on the field.This is a problem for the Cowboys where do they start rebuilding process.The answer is first at tackle they need more good players.Next the Cowboys need to improve the safety position because the don't have a proven free safety.The linebackers need improvement as we talked about and we seem to never be consistent at defensive back.The Cowboys have  the no 16 pick in the up coming draft and that has to be a good pick for the.Yes the entire defense needs to be improved,its time to rebuild.

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