Monday, March 3, 2014

What Happened to the Good Old 90'S

Was it that long ago when we were the top dogs in the NFL. The 1990's seem like they were I another century. Wow where have the triplets gone, remember Troy, Emmit and Michael. Those were the good old days we won three championships in a five year span.I think had Jimmy Johnson stayed we might have won a couple more rings.The Boys were a good team all around, special teams. offence defense.
I always remember when Jimmy got us to that NFC championship on the road against San Fran.After we won that game he gave a speech and at the end he said HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!! I new The Boys were back and going to win the Super Bowl. It seems like the Cowboys have lost their way the last 20 years.I Know we will be back maybe soon with the current group.This group just has to have that hard nosed approach.What happened to the Good old 90'S!

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