Thursday, February 27, 2014

Will DeMarcus Ware be back

The Dallas Cowboys have a big decision to make. DeMarcus Ware is due 13 million dollars in 2014 and that is a problem.With the Cowboys already 21 million dollars over the Cap for 2014 I don't think they are going to pay Ware that amount of money.Ware is 32 years old and that makes the Cowboys worried.In 2013 Ware was injured and missed a few games for the first time and his career .Over the last two years Ware's production has gone down and this is a (what have you done for me lately business).Ware had under 20 sacks combined for the last two years and that is a drastic drop in his production.I think that Ware when healthy is the best defensive player on the team. That is the problem ,at 32 will Ware be able to stay healthy  the entire 16 game season.Look the Cowboys and Ware have to sit down and try to figure this thing out. Dallas can't pay Ware 13 million dollars in 2014 but they do need him.Ware has to put aside his pride and work with the Cowboys to try and come up with a cap friendly number for 2014.With Dallas having big needs on the defensive line and two other D-linemen up for free agency it is a must that they figure out what is Ware's future. Will Ware restructure his contract I don't  know.
Is Demarcus Ware coming back in 2014 I don't know.

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