Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Win Dallas!

Great Win Dallas! I am very surprised how the Dallas Cowboys overcame a blocked punt returned for a touchdown.Also the Cowboys had a fumble lost on a punt and a fumble on a snap in which Seattle recovered it.The Seahawks scored 17 points off those turnovers.Now with that being said the Cowboys went to Seattle and punched the Superbowl Champs right in the mouth.The Cowboys offensive line was physical and DeMarco ran the ball with no fumbles and had another 100 yard game tying the Great hall of fame running back Jim Brown.Jason Witten Old reliable scored,Dez Bryant was solid,Escobar scored a touchdown,Randel had 5 carries for 52 yards.Tony Romo was Special avoiding the rush and making many big throws.The defense was special playing hard and fast making plays and holding Seattle in check.The defense is a big surprise and I can't state that enough.In the words of the Great Jimmy Johnson...HOW BOUGHT DEM COWBOYS!

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