Friday, May 16, 2014

The Cowboys Sign 3 of their 7th Round Picks

The Cowboy's have signed 3 of their 7th round picks.Thats a good start and all 3 are on the defensive side.Ben Gardner is a 6 foot 4 262 pound defensive end out of Stanford.Will Smith is a 6 foot 2 231 pound outside linebacker out of Texas Tech.Terrance Mitchell is a 5foot 11 inch 192 pound cornerback from Oregon.Ok all these guys are 7th round picks we know that but we need body's and competition.I think that these 3 along with a few more yet to be signed we might get at least 3 to make the roster.The Cowboys did a good job with the picks they had and now its time to head to camp.Remember we got Demarcus Lawrence the no# 34 pick from Boise State a Defensive end.


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