Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cowboys Have the No# 16 pick in the Draft.

The Cowboys have the number 16 pick in this years draft.Who will the Cowboys take with this pick.If the Boys don't take a defensive player with this pick they should either take a offensive lineman or a Quaterback.That's right I said don't overlook a good Quaterback with this pick because Tony Romo is not getting any younger.The first need is for defensive players,the d line first and then the linebacker position must be upgraded.If we can get a big a D tackle fine or a top linebacker that's great.I know the Cowboys are going to look defense first and then offensive line.The Cowboys must take a serious look at quarterback.Tony Romo had a great season last year and I am a big fan but he is coming of back surgery.With that in mind you have to start to find who will back up Tony and possibly take over for the future.The Cowboys have the number 16 pick in the draft who will they take.

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