Sunday, April 6, 2014

Do We Have Enough Fire Power in 2014

With the new emergence of the Eagles under Chip Kelly and the addition of Desean Jackson on the Redskins do the boys have enough fire power.Remember the New York Giants have retooled in the free agent market.You know Eli Manning wont have another bad season.So with that being the case the Cowboys have not done anything with the offence in free agency.We do have a very potent offence but I do have a concern about Tony Romo coming off back surgery.The 2013 season was a very good one all around for the Cowboys with the running game reaching new heights.Our receivers Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams are the best in the NFC.Williams came up big in his rookie year and looks like he will be the number 2 wideout with the release of Miles Austin.The Cowboys have a good group on offence their O line is much improved.They need to pick up another O linemen and another wideout just to have depth.The real question is can Tony Romo return to his Pro Bowl form this year after back surgery.With the other teams in the NFC ramping up for 2014 do the Dallas Cowboy's have enough fire power.

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