Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glass Half Full

Well Cowboy fans we are a 500 team since 1997.I think our record is 136 and 136 over that time period.Every spring I look forward to the draft and the upcoming season but we seem to have the same results. I cant understand why we have these crazy seasons that end up with us having to win the last game of the year in order to get in the playoffs. We have Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware,Sean Lee and a host of other quality players. Is there some reason that we cant get over the hump.I think this is do to a lack of leadership someone has to say enough already.Players have to step up and play like every game is a playoff game. Im tired of hearing the coach is not good because Jason is a very good coach. I don't want to hear That Jerry is meddling and the team cant function like that.Let me tell you Jerry Jones is one of the top five owners in all of sports.This guy does everything for his team to be the best, Top training  facilities the best stadium by far.This teams brand is iconic,are you kidding me? Jones pays top dollar to his players so can these guys go out and win.The bottom line is coaches coach,Owners sign the checks,and players play the game to win.I love this team and I don't want any of our top players to go but they might have to cut one or two of these guys.At the end of the day we are a 500 team and the players have to do better.

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