Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dallas Pay Close Attention to the Super Bowl Champions

I hope the Cowboys paid close attention to the Super Bowl.The Sehawks have the blue print for a possible dynasty.I know the Cowboys are a far cry from the Seahawks but I can dream.The Cowboys have a new start for 2014 and I hope they follow the blue print that the Sehawks have made.Number 1 you have to have D linemen that can put pressure on the Quarterback.The Seahawks secondary is awesome but no one can cover the wide outs for more than 4 seconds.Pressure is the key and we have to take a serious look at the players we have for 2014.Hatcher is a free agent and might be to pricey for the Cowboys salary cap.Demarcus is getting older and might be asked to take a pay cut.Anthony Spencer is also a free agent coming off the IR for most of the 2013 season.Defence is the key to being a top team in the NFL.I know everybody loves the pass happy teams that seem to have taken over the NFL but I will take a strong defence every time.If you remember that was the Cowboys problem,they needed to run the ball more to be balanced.Dallas Pay close attention to the super bowl champions.

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