Sunday, January 26, 2014

The 2014 Dallas Cowboys Draft!

The Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft is very important. The Cowboys are way over the salary cap for the upcoming season. The needs in the draft are simple. let's start with Defensive linemen we are very thin at this position. Also we need to look at another safety I was not impressed with our play here.
The offensive line played well and looks good but we can always use depth at this position. So with no money to go after top notch free agents this coming year, the draft is so important. Tony Romo was playing at such a high level before he got hurt. I think we have to come to the reality that Tony had back surgery and he is in his 30's.Is it time to look at Quarterbacks in this draft im not sure but it is something to think about. The Dallas Cowboys 2014 draft is very important.

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