Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is it the cowboys last stand.If the cowboys lose this Sunday against the redskins the season is over.Even if they somehow would sneak into the playoffs it would only be one and out.I am a long time cowboy fan and I am tired of watching this team find a new way to lose week after week.I like the coach but I cant figure out why this GUY did not run the ball more than 7 times against the Packers in the second half.The running back Demarco Murray was having a great day.The defence has almost no one on the d line and if you cant get pressure on the quarterback they will shred the secondary as we have seen week after week.I cant blame ROMO for everything because he should not have to make every play all the time.We have an offensive  line now that can run block and pass protect so can we please run the ball a little more.This defence has to be looked at closely in the off season (d line) drat and free agency.This is it the cowboys last stand!!

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